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Re: Which Strelets set adds the most value to your collection?

I like them all, but don't have many sets yet, but I have to say the mounted Napoleonic french generals are a winner for the excellent variety of men and uniforms- at last some individual french general to command my divisions (when I've painted them!)

I like the foot dragoons too- a nice additon that is always overlooked.

EASY not produced yet - CW Turkish Infantry...

The arrival of this set would enhance my any cw collection a whole lot, multiply the amount of other CW battles one could use the figures with.

Re:hard to say...

medieval: medieval britain
napoleonics: all the staff sets
crimean: highlanders, light brigade
ACW: confederate staff
ww1: don cossacks
i love showing any of these off to friends, in spite of my mediocre paintjobs!