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They aren't in a pipeline yet

good points Arlin

Hi Arlin,good points.I liek to hear it from the horses mouth too.

I hope the WW1 phase gets completed before any murmur of WW2 starts.Plus some completion on Crimean War Strelets-R sets would enable me(nmany others) to get a better historiclaly reresentative opposition against a fine Russian Army.

Say , email me a mailing address and i can send you(know you've been after one from previous messages) a spare Command and Hospital set( without the other figures.) Maybe you can send me a Strelets Turkish Infantry set (whenever that fine day happens)...fair deal ?

Hope Strelets are having a good deserved break as they did alot of releases before xmas.

Re: good points Arlin

Thanks for the kind offer, but I think I'll pass. I'm not sure if I am going to continue with Crimea.

Re: Re: good points Arlin

Ah -hah ...