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Strelets, WWII set questions

I am somewhat concerned that PSR lists your WWII Staff and Hospital sets, but you don't.

Are you making them or not?

In the "Allied" set, are they Americans? British? A combination of nationalities?

Are they regular sets or mini sets?

If it makes it easier, I'm okay with mini sets. Split the hospital from the staff.Whatever it takes. I've been waiting a LONG time to buy another Strelets set.

They aren't in a pipeline yet

good points Arlin

Hi Arlin,good points.I liek to hear it from the horses mouth too.

I hope the WW1 phase gets completed before any murmur of WW2 starts.Plus some completion on Crimean War Strelets-R sets would enable me(nmany others) to get a better historiclaly reresentative opposition against a fine Russian Army.

Say , email me a mailing address and i can send you(know you've been after one from previous messages) a spare Command and Hospital set( without the other figures.) Maybe you can send me a Strelets Turkish Infantry set (whenever that fine day happens)...fair deal ?

Hope Strelets are having a good deserved break as they did alot of releases before xmas.

Re: good points Arlin

Thanks for the kind offer, but I think I'll pass. I'm not sure if I am going to continue with Crimea.

Re: Re: good points Arlin

Ah -hah ...