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Re: Re: Might just as well include guns

hi,broken guns or wrecked carriage or limbers is'nt dificult to do yourself,but charriots or wagons of the combat train are seldom done,whith appropriate crews

Re: To Strelets: Set Ideas!

No set of artillerymen that I have yet seen includes the men who hauled on the ropes (traces) to pull the guns into position - I would like to have some of these for Napoleonic sets. Also, artillery figures for some of the smaller nation i.e. Germans, Poles, Spanish etc.

Re: Re: To Strelets: Set Ideas!

You might look at the Yankee/ Confederate Engineers on PSR that Revell did a number of years ago. The have men pulling ropes that I use to move cannons back in position. If you swap hats, I would believe they could serve in other wars !

Re: Re: Re: To Strelets: Set Ideas!

Emhar Russian Artillery also had some. Presumably the Artillery wore greatcoats sometimes so a head swap might make them useful.