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Railway Construction Corps in the Crimean War

Some of you may find this article interesting on the engineering and construction force the British laborers called "Navvies", who built the military road and railway between sebastopol and balaclava.

The article is relevant from the maps onwards and makes good reading.

Re: Railway Construction Corps in the Crimean War

HI HANK,there is a book on the building of railways during the crimean war, i saw it on the book list from NAVAL & MILITARY PRESS, check out their website might still have it
hang loose son
cheers old john

Re: Re: Railway Construction Corps in the Crimean War

This month they offer a special 15% account for every order.


Calling all train spotters !

Thansk guys I'll follow up.

So what i need now is an E.B Wilson 2-2-2 steam locomotive (known as a "jenny lind" affectionately named after the famous Opera singer of the time ).

Looks like there was 5 of these locomotives sent to Balaclava by the Brits.One was called "the Swan" plus there was a static steam engine at Kadokoi for pulling the wagons up the hill.

Anyone know where one can get a HO scale model ?

(Germania Ludwigs..(?) 2-2-2 Adler is very similar).The hobby company 5&8 models seems to have stopped production.

Static Steam engine

Woodland scenics sells various HO scale steam equipment, such as a static engine. You can see their site at There are also crates and so on that could litter the beach at Balaclava.
I think Zvevda sold a side wheeled sea going steam ship that was 1/100th scale or so. Using selective compression (as model railroaders say)i.e. smaller items look farther away, it would look good in the background of a scene.
Good luck.
David Moore

Re: Re: book

Hi John/Uwe,Thanks got a copy of the book today.Now gotta get aN HO SCALE model of the train to add to my diorama.

One thing, sure leads to another, with this hobby which makes it fun.Kind of a Neverending story.
Mitt freundlich grussen


Hi Hank,

now I am waiting for you asking after some allied ships damaged in the great storm


Ship ahoy !

Hi Uwe,You are always ahead of me, that is a compliment to you.

I have looked as far as possible to see what ships i could use. Some of the Revell American Steamships (maybe a little later than 1856) will do as wrecks close to shore.Be "smashed up" a little to mask their identity.Plus one of these should get away with it for representing older Russian ship.'Gunboats%20and%20Galleys'

Re: Ship ahoy !

Hi Hanks,

thanks for the flowers, but you are ahead of me with the railway

BTW, there are around 30 books about the Crimean war on Google books.


Re: Re: Re: book

glad to help, will check railway model sellers this side of pond and see if i can find right model
cheers old john