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Strelets*R and Strelets Mini

I was very happy when Strelets began with "all original poses" sets. But I found that some of them are hard to use, both for dioramas and wargaming. This is great for example for medieval or general staff sets. But not for organized fighting of NW, GNW etc. So I thing that its very good that there is Strelets Mini. I really like the idea of sets of figures formed in organized unit.

Maybe there could by 2 or 3 types of poses in each set: for example one group of marching men and one group of firing or something like that.

But anyway the Strelets Mini sets could be great for recreating NW, GNW, CW and others. This sets can be suplementd with unique pose sets of officers, musicians, banner bearers, surgeons atc.

What are your thoughts?

Re: Strelets*R and Strelets Mini

I think that Strelets could fulfil a need for poses that could complete battlescenes/diorams and arangements for WarGamers alike.
By producing there 'Mini' series with particular poses.
The Romans Marching epitomise the idea.
I would love to recreat the attack of the Imperial Gaurd at Waterloo for instance.
With lots of French Infantry in various poses of 'attack march'. Perhaps with a few more Bandsmen to go with the ones from the Napoleonic General Staff set.
In a way Stelets went some way to a minimal pose set with the Crimean Russian Grenadiers set.
Any one who has that set will know what I mean
I have 8 counting the set I received with the Russian General Staff and Hospital set.
If Strelets read this; may I ask when will we see the Crimean Turks and British Grenadiers?
Best regards

Proportional figure Representation

Proportional representation .

Nice call Murat , British Grenadiers was a brigade strength compared to 70 thousands turkish infantry in this campaign.Historical Imbalance.Aren't we collectors historically inspired ?

Would it not make sense ?... to make Mini boxes for special troops like zouaves ,grenadiers,highlanders , mortars command,british light infantry ,british lancers etc sets etc (THERE WASNT THOUSANDS OF THESE IN THE CRIMEA)

while "Strelets-R" say would be the main massed regular soldiers OF WHICH THEREE WAS THOUSANDS OF RUSSian infantry french infantry oh yes...TURKISH INfantry

I'dlike to see this strategy adopted by all manufacturers for all periods.
Basic army bulkfigure sets as Strelets-R
released first THEN augmenting mini-sets. Lets get some cohesion in collecting.please...Just observations not complaints