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Playsets and mini box sets

Yes, yes...I know these are the wrong scale, but one can still appreciate and imagine something like this done in 1/72 - especially the Omaha Beach and para sets. Large, animated, multi-pose sets, with or without accessories.

For instance, I like / hate the Pegasus rangers - love the number of poses, but what the heck were they smoking when they decided to release a set with that many parts and make it soft, practically unglueable plastic.

HaT makes 100 figure packs, geared more towards gamers (pose types and ratios). Is it practical for large packs or playsets/diorama sets that would depict something like Omaha Beach, Berezina Crossing, etc. with less traditional or varied poses along the lines of the Pegasus rangers?

Re: Playsets and mini box sets ... & Accessories, too!

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the links. One Big-Box Playset with some accessories and then accompanying Mini-Sets would be wonderful.

I wish the S*R Team would make just a couple of sprews of generic accessories to put in Big-Box sets. I'd like to see (1) a sprew for redoubts and/or trenches that could be used from Crimean War to WWI, and (2) a one-horse cart, a machine-gun emplacement, stacked boxes and stacked logs for Boer Wars and WWI.

Happy Toy Soldier Dreaming!