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Re: Re: Strelets - what about dismounted WWI cavalry?

The Minis would be great for this.

I would like to see in one Mini Box:

(1) one horse laying down for one of the troopers/cavalrymen to fight from behind (like the Airfix U.S. Cavalry trooper shooting, or French Currasier defending with sword), cast at the end of the sprew as a kind of bonus figure, and then
(2) eight troopers/cavalrymen in varying positions depending on era and weapons.

Or, could even have only one horse for all sets in one color such as 1 gray horse in one set to be used for all gray sets, and have a horse/man ratio of 1:7 for that set, plus terracotta, mid-blue, green ...

There are plenty of standing and falling horses already, just need one laying down for each set in their appropriate colors.

"Durned if you don't give a mouse a cookie, and then he asks for a glass of milk too!"

Happy collecting!

Dismounted cavalrymen are .....casualties

Yeah would think we would get at least a cannon(tubes) and wheels(hubs)cart caissson or something out of utilising the sprues instead of trash. Does any exisiting manufacturer do this ?

However dismounted cavalrymen, I'd classify as casualties ...or their mounts.
Unless of course they are dragoons then they are mounted infantry of course.

Dave, this is the worst yet from you...Multi colored horses...puke ! Go get yourself a "My Little Pony " AND GO PLAY WITH THE GIRLS .chuckle

Lets see... some figures dragging long in their spurs and slumped over the front wedged on their saddles. A horse hit and throwing the rider over its neck .Perhaps a few figures doing a remount onto the sadle,one handed as if injured.One slinging an injured buddy over his horse.Perhaps a rider giving a hand up to a wounded buddy for afast extraction from an advancing Zulu IMpii etc.A horse holder with 4 horses be okay trying to steady a team. Say we did this before

Re: Re: Re: Strelets - what about dismounted WWI cavalry?

It's one thing to have the 7th Cavalry using downed horses as cover, it's quite another for a WWI horseman to be doing so (presumably while under a hail of machine gun bullets). If you want such a figure in a WWI cavalry set, you might as well save yourself the trouble and model the cavalryman as dead or wounded just like the horse!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets - what about dismounted WWI cavalry?

The whole idea behind my request to Strelets was to portray WWI cavalrymen as they were more likely to service. WWI cavalrymen fought dismounted much more than US CW, and those feds & confeds were mere mounted infantry, with horses used as battlefield taxis, compared to napoleonics.
It was very common for WWI cavalrymen to be used for security, POW transport and lines-of-communication guard. In crisis, it was again very common to send them to fight dismounted in the trenches. If any cavalrymen in worldhistory is to be portrayed in 1/72, then it should be WWI guys.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets - what about dismounted WWI cavalry?

Sorry, due to haste, I didn't complete the last sentence as I wished. The corrected version is:

"If any cavalrymen in worldhistory is to be portrayed DISMOUNTED in 1/72, then it should be WWI guys"

Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets - what about dismounted WWI cavalry?

Give me a break! My point was never intended to be only for WWI. But, I'm sure there were plenty of WWI casualty horses and troopers, especially while under a hail of machine gun bullets. I would love to have S*R save me the trouble of making conversions for my suggestions and just give me lots of cavalrymen as dead or wounded just like the horse! The whole box would make me happiest.

Better yet, I'd love to have some action sets with lots of casualties for The Charge of the Light Brigade. I'm sure some of those men who survived the fall off a hit horse crawled back under it's body to avoid being trampled-on by those following him. Or some Custer troopers hiding from behind their dead horses. Awe heck, if your horse is dead you may as well go ahead and take cover behind it. Noth'in is go'in to bring ole Flicka back.

Even WWI troopers probably hid behind their dead horses to avoid the hail of bullets coming their way, cowards or fools they were.

Did the French who charged the British squares at Waterloo just run away when their horses were shot from under them? Did they jump in front of the horse to avoid cover and say, "Ha, ya missed me?"

Give me a break. All soldiers risk dying. That's the romance and risk of being one. And tasteful casualties are very much an approprite part of this hobby. Airfix knew it in the beginning, or they wouldn't have been re-issuing the U.S. Cavalry set for 5 decades (50 years) in 3 colors yet, dark, mid and light blue (never in cream thank you very much). Must be some market for'em, eh?

Give me a casualty figure, especially horse and rider, or infantryman, and I'll buy lots of boxes just to get that one or pose.

This is what I want to see from S*R.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets - what about dismounted WWI cavalry?

I agree totally with Dave. Airfix made good casualties, but when ESCI took over there where almost no casualties (only the much used helping-a-wounded-pal-pose). And Italeri have only let one highlander be wounded. This could be helped by Strelets' mini-sets or just a part of a mini-set.