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Ceasar's latest

Ceasar's new sets are a Napoleonic treat.
Highland artillery.
British lancers.
Austrian Guard infantry.
Russian rocket troops.
French marines.
Check out the scans under their fantasy section.

Re: Ceasar's latest

What scans? Can't seem to find anything like this on the Caesar site.

Re: Re: Ceasar's latest

Dear George,

Donald is pulling our leg - making jokes that is. Continuing an irrelevant discussion on the proper terminology for the napoleonic "marins de la garde", which he can not forgive Patrick for calling marines, he concluded the dispute with this announcement, including french marines in fantasy soldiers, exactly as the other mentioned sets are.
Some might find that funny. On April 1st last year, najemo showed plates of the uniforms of french napoleonic "hussards de l'air", first paratroops to be deployed from balloons. Some took that for real.

Re: Re: Ceasar's latest

Dear George,
I do apologise for my joke.
I only hope to raise a smile or two & not offend.
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Ceasar's latest

No offence taken at all. It's just that you got me a bit excited is all.:) Oh well, back to wistful waiting for more Napoleonic releases and/or announcements.

-- George Krashos