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Re: Re: Re: Re: 80YW-My Final Comment

I can't find my Osprey Landsknects (the more recent version with the battle picture on the cover) so let's leave it at this.

Whether you believe Landsknects participated in the French Wars of Religion, the Seven Years War of the North, the conflict between Poland and Danzig in the 1570s, the early stages of the 80YW and other conflicts depends on whether you consider the German pike and shot mercenaries that served in those conflicts to be Landsknects or not. The term is used by sources to describe such German mercenaries in actions as late as Ivry. Of course it should be remembered that the term "tercio" continued to be applied to Spanish foot units long after their formation in the 1530s, when both organization and tactics had changed dramatically (just as the term "Legion" was retained for Roman foot units long after they had ceased to be the fearsome units that Caeser led in Gaul).

Enough from me on this topic.

Re: Vikings shield devices

As regards to engraved devices on the shields I think that most collectors would not want engraved shield devices since I assume that the shields will be integral with the figure and not separate. It is much easier painting a different pattern than carving the shields off the arms to interchange them with other figures.

Also at this period in history shield devices were fairly simple.

And finally, there are several companies that sell water slide transfers or decals with shield devices in various colours. In this case a flat surface is ideal to apply these. I use this technique with my Greeks and Hat actually sells specific sets of transfers for their Romans although there are other companies like Revo.

Best regards,