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Idea for a new set.

With the increasing popularity of World War I
figures (which is only going to grow stronger as the
centenial rapidly approaches), I thought of an idea
for a new set I think would be especially appropriate
for Strelets all-different poses approach. How about
a World War I Russian high command and hospital set?
It could include figures of Czar Nicholas and his son
in those Cossack uniforms I've seen them in in Photo-
graphs. They could be visiting the front, touring a
hospital, etc. It could include some of the better
known Russian generals, patients, doctors, etc. What
do you think?

I'd also like to see a Trojan War character set.
The Strelets approach would be great for this!

yes to both!

I do like those suggestions. I am no Crimean War collector, but the hospital set I am going to buy, for the purpose of conversions to napoleonics and WWI. Hospital sets, whatever the period, will be a welcome addition to the hobby.