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Re: Re: New MINI set # 2 pictures: Who are they Cruel STRELETS?

Now with so many strelets sets I have to quit army and find better paid job.


This brings me to the question if these figures are e made in the same style as the usual Strelets figures (plastic/price) or if they will be different?

When I understood it right, the usually moulds of Strelets are good for around 5-6000 sprues. With
four sprues in the box, are there than just 1500
boxes available?


Re: Plastic/Numbers/Price

Dear Uwe,

the Mini sets will be bit cheaper.


Re: Re: Plastic/Numbers/Price

Dear Strelets,

good to hear that. My main problem is, if I have to hurry to buy several sets of them before they are sold out?


Re: Re: Re: Plastic/Numbers/Price

Assuming a mold costs x then to produce a normal set 4 different molds are required. If each mold lasts 5,000 uses then 5,000 boxes of product needs 4 molds = 1 mold / 1,250 boxes.
Now the mini series require 1 mold and this mold lasts for 5,000 uses too. However, at 4 uses per box, only 1,250 boxes can be produced before another mold is needed.
So whichever wat you look at it, the costs of 1 mold need to be amortised over 1,250 boxes regardless of whether the box is standard or mini.