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Re: Civilian Figures - No politics, please!

I couldn't agree more that we need some civilian sets to fill some serious gaps in the 1/72 scale. Civilians and non combat personnel are very important to diorama makers, as well as some wargame scenarios. I think there is definitely a market for them, why do people still buy the old Airfix Robin Hood set after all these years? It isn't because of the great quality of the figures, it's because no one else makes peasant figures.

Civilians can be made to stretch over long periods of time and locals. For instance, how much difference is there between a English peasant from the 9th century and a Russian peasant from the 16th? Not much, and painting and conversions can take care of many of the smaller details. Here are some sets I think would be great additions to the plastic 1/72 scale.

1.Ancient Civilians-Generic enough that they can be used for Rome, Carthage, Greece, etc.

2.Medieval/Renaissance Peasants-Generic enough to be used throughout Europe from the dark ages to the early renaissance.

3. Ancient Sailors-I know there is a set of Roman sailors from Orion, but another set couldn't hurt. It seems Zvezda would benefit most from producing such figures, how else can one fully appreciate their great ancient galleys without them? It seems strange that they would produce the ships and not the figures to go with them.

4.Medieval/Renaissance Sailors-Same issue here with Zvezda, who is supposed to man their Crusader and Hansa cogs? Imex is supposed to be releasing an Explorers set, hopefully it will fill some of the void.

5.Medieval/Renaissance Merchants-This could include carts, beasts of burden, boxes and crates in addition to figures. Again, maybe the Imex Explorer set will cover some of this territory.

6.Bedouin/Arab Caravan-This could be produced to range from ancient to more modern times, and could include tents and other accessories, as well as camels.

Hopefully we will see some of these types of sets produced in the future. Letting the companies know what types of figures we want, will make the chances of such sets ever seeing the light of day much more likely.

Civilian Figures

I support strongly armed and unarmed civilian sets for the ancient period, medieval, 1600s, 1700s, Napoleonics pecause some civillians took the figth and others didnt. I saw on DVD French 2002 mastrepeace ,,Napoleon´' C.Clavert and J.Malchovits and there were lots on acaisons were people were armed. Naps var in Sapin women with guns etc .So we REALLY need such sets.