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Re: Re: NORMANS! to Strelets

Very pleased! these look great! i only hope Strelets will consider making them in a gunmetal color to match Revell's Normans like they did w/ some of their Norman cavalry!


On the box ( right high corner ) is reported 1/72.
I really hope it isn't a mistake.
So i wish know were is the difference?


great news, I thought they were going to be Normans (enter intolerable smug mode!) They look a really nice bunch and if are half as nice as the Russian army of Nevsky then they will be beautiful. Can't suss the next set yet, clearly a bunch of Medieval archers but that stumps me as there are loads of them in other sets including your own, and cetainly not top of my list. How about some medieval peasants as Valdemar and Caesar don't seem to making any progress on their's and everybody need a rabble. In fact I've a bit of a hankering to fight the Jacquerie, nice to see the nobs get their's for a change (at least at first).

Well done Strelets you really are becoming one of the premier league producers that really seems to listen to customers. I think your minis idea is great, it didn't work for Hat but they seemed to pick strange subjects - wild and woolly barbarians, that needed lots and lots of variety. Your decision to stick to armies that displayed a high level of uniformity and formation, combined with still offering 12 poses is absolutely spot on. I can see myself buying lots of your minis - starting with loads of Normans. I know it is a lot to ask but better posed Norman cavalry would be nice, double handed weapons on horseback just doesn't look right and the guy drawing his sword is a bit naff as well. Didn't stop me buying a couple of boxes and painted they look quite well, but not your best effort. Nowadays, you quality is superb, if a little individualistic.

Re: Re: Re: NORMANS!

Dear Graham,

thank you for your message and support of our new project. These days in our hobby nothing is impossible, so some of your wishes can come true.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: NORMANS!

Strelets:- Fantastic. Well done. Perfect to supplement my hundreds of expensive Revells!!
Keep it up.