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Re: Re: Re: CRIMEAN WAR French Guard Grenadiers

epaulettes only a bit time consuming to effect.Personally I'm not too fussy for detailed looking "eps" when going for mass effect. I use a real bright red color to help mask, build up the "eps" with several THICK blobs/droplets of drying enamel paint.Bit of satelite HI-LITE work with paintbrush completes an okay job.

Re: Re: Re: Re: CRIMEAN WAR French Guard Grenadiers

Hi Hank,

ok, I did it the same way. I just wanted to know how you took on this problem.


Re: CRIMEAN WAR French Guard Grenadiers

HiUwe, I did try using ladies nail varnish also but was too thick and sticky to apply to the figures. Paint method was best.

Re: Re: CRIMEAN WAR French Guard Grenadiers

2nd empire bearskins used to be bigger than those worn during the Napoleonic era, and fell down a little deeper towards collar, too. Apart the "épaulettes", the main difference with the colonial Foreign legion consist in the equipment, until 1860, (that is so after the italian campaign), French guard kept on using the old-fashionned white belts overlapping on the breast. And about the coat, a minor difference can be observed concerning the width between the two rows of buttons, bigger up than down, until it is quite the same by 1868. did you deal with the musket? The Guard 1854 pattern, muzzle loading doesn't resemble a lot to the Gras or the Lebel...