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Re: Wishlist for 2007!

- Mid 19th century Hungarian revolutionary troops to match the Crimean russians on the battlefields of Transylvania in 1849.
- Russian dragoons and uhlans for the Crimea.
- Any kind of Mexican troops from the 1860s for the French intervention.
- Latin-american insurgents for Mexican wars and the Triple Alliance War.


Re: Wishlist for 2007!

For 2007?

A Russian Tsar's coronation scene... or

The sets needed to complete the Crimean War series... or...

Medieval Russian peasants to fight alongside the Novgorod militia and Prince Alexander's druzhina.



Re: Re: Wishlist for 2007!

American War of Independence/American Revolution.
More nice Civil War sets.
French and Indian war.
Some decent Plains sets. (The first Strelets set was a very nice start. Just please continue)
Early 18th Century California
All that for a start would be nice.

Re: Wishlist for 2007!

royal courts of the French, British, Austrian, Prussian and Russian kings/emperors is nice and what about mob attacking Bastille

Is That All?

With about 100 sets per year that are released recently, it looks that the producers soon will have a difficulty with finding interesting opportunities.
Best regards,


Re: Is That All?

Not so. The manufacturers can re-work & release the not-so-good-sets.
Naming no names....

Re: Is That All?


Oh well, looking down sheepishly, as you asked if that was all, I'd really, really like it, if you were to release Medieval Russian peasants, if you would make a figure of Buslai swinging a long pole, Vasilissa with her sword hunting down the evil organist, Gavrilo Oleksich watching Alexander's back, and Mikula leading the peasants against the Crusaders.

That would be all I could possibly ask for.

Hugs for the great work you've done so far!


Re: Wishlist for 2007!

old Slavic warriors 9th - 12th century