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Re: Italeri-Strelets

All of those sets are reviewed on PSR so you can see all of them over there. I don't have the Army of Robert The Bruce but I do have the army of William Wallace plus all of the other sets you mentioned. They are all great sets, but the Strelets sets don't fit their horses very well. The strelets sets do have alot more personality and cover both common and noble warrior wearas the Italeri sets are for the most par,t the higher ranking nights, however the common archers are great. Don't forget the Army of Joan of Arch or Italeri's French Knights. For a mass army of foot soldiers I would recomend the Revell/Accurate English Men at arms.

Re: Re: Italeri-Strelets

Thanks Andrew,

Do they line up OK beside each other?


Re: Italeri-Strelets

I have used Italeri 6027 English Knight with Strelets 006 - Army of Henry 5. They mixed each other very well. I have some photo but i don't know how send here

Re: Re: Italeri-Strelets-Miniart

Don't forget the Miniart figures. These have specific siege troops climbing ladders etc.. in addition to many other sets of mounted knights and foot soldiers. Also the Orion Medieval siege troops are well moulded. All of these mix well. The Zvedza French knights are a little taller and cover the end of the period, I use them for the Italian wars.

In case you don't know the PSR site where all of these sets can be seen is at the following address:

Best regards,


Re: Italeri-Strelets

Ok here (an italian forums) a couple of medieval mix

Re: Re: Italeri-Strelets

Thanks all,

I do want to get Miniart French foot soldiers w/ rams. Possibly as a substitute for the Italeri, Strelets, etc. sets, I'm thinking of doing an earlier, maybe 11th-12th cent, diorama, w/ Emhar vikings and/or saxons and perhaps Hat Spanish infantry. I don't know though. These figs (I don't know what the Spanish will look like) are more slender and tall, so I think I'll do one or the other.


Re: Italeri-Strelets

For the Hundred Years War, I'd start with the
Accurate/Revell French knights and English foot
soldiers. The Italeri sets mix well with these and
are very good as well.

After that, the choices become poorer. There
are Strelets set of Henry V's army and Joan of Arc's
army (actually these two never fought). The mounted
poses in these sets are very poor in my opinion,
(neither side had archers who foughts from horse-
back). The foot poses are better, though a little
clunky compared to the Accurate or Italeri figures.
On the plus side, the Henry V set has a lot of archers, (who made up the bulk of the English armies),
though some of them are in fairly strange postures.

The Zevezda French knights set is very nice with
a good number of figures (19) for a cavalry set. Un-
fortunately 6 of the 19 figures are using either a
crossbow or firearm - neither of which were fired from
horseback. But the other figures are very nice. They
would only be appropriate for the latter part of the
war since their armor if very advanced.

The miniart figures are also a bit clunky and
I haven't bought any of them. The French and Burgundian mounted knights are very poor quality.
The German knights are better - probably their best
quality set. The Burgundian foot figures have a lot
of archers and crossbowmen and some pretty good foot
figures. I hope this helps.

Re: Re: Italeri-Strelets

Thanks Britsfan

I think my only objection to Accurate/Revell sets is their poses, which are generally OK, but some are strange.

Thanks for your time,