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Re: "missing" from charge of Light Brigade

Technically to do a complete Charge of the LB you would need British Horse Artillery and French Chasseurs d'Afrique. Both seem like an obvious addition to the range in the future.

Re: Re: "missing" from charge of Light Brigade

Precisely Jon. Strelets French Cavalry had rumours(i wont believe til i see them) they have spahis/Chasseurs D'Afrique included/we have waited long to see only 1 figure in the "future" release page.Did the French give the Chas D'Afrique horse artillery least ? Plot thickens eh?

I guess when the French Light Infantry have Zouaves included there is that possibility we may see spahis, however only Strelets will confirm that.Doesnt exactly help ones collection planning does it.

If spahis included they MAY also be used for Foreign Legion auxillary cavalry(eg "Fort Saganne" movie Gerard Depardeau and Sophie Marceau).Guess that brings in Emhars "PROPOSED" french Infantry also.Could be more exciting 1/72times ahead Jon.Have fun Hank

Re: "missing" from charge of Light Brigade

An interesting letter, and one of many that were sent to the Times in that year and for a few years afterwards, as the drama concerning who was to blame for the loss of the light brigade turned into a political and military football, everyone blaming everyone else. Captain Shakespear seems to remember the whole scene, but cannot remember receiving a direct order from his commanding officer as he 'was not paying close enough attention,' he tell us! No one wanted to be seen as not doing his duty and everyone seems to have their own thoughts on what exactly happened that day. The only thing that each individual officer could all agree on was that they themselves were not to blame for those brave men who were sent forward to be slaughtered.

Re: Re: "missing" from charge of Light Brigade

The politics around the Light Brigade's conduct at Balaklava are almost more interesting than the action itself. It was a great embarassment for the British because they held the Russian Army in such contempt. (The Brit's were contemptious of just about everyone in those days.)

The "old boy" network in the British Officer Corps was what caused the disaster. Neither Raglan, nor Lucan were fit to lead; Lord Cartigan was an over dressed fox-hunter; the lot of them ought to have been retired, but the social hierarchy over ruled common sense. The incompetance started at the top, and the blame started at the bottom. Each attempted to blame his subordinate, when it was the duty of the C/O of the Light Brigade to soberly observe the course of the battle and the lay of the land.

As for Capt. Shakespear, it is hard for one to remember an order that was never given. The Horse Artillery could not have saved the Light Brigade, they would only have lost their guns. He discribes that the other officers he met were all talking to him informally, one does not deliver orders informally.

If the British General Staff has written & exchanged their orders as exactly on the day of the battle as they did when defending their actions in the press... well, we wouldn't be discussing it now. What was "missing" at the charge of the Light Brigade was a competant General Staff.

Re: Re: Re: "missing" from charge of Light Brigade

Bang on old chap, the old school tie and the (Horse)Guards seniority and "by-jingo" code had alot to answer to. Poor old Tommy Atkins.

Re: Re: Re: Re: "missing" from charge of Light Brigade

Thank goodness by the Great War (1914-1918) the army was run by professionals and a real General Staff, so no screw ups occured.
Yours with heavy sarcasm