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Re: Re: Russian General Staff and Hospital- other components

Would it be possible for Strelets to tell us what the other sets included are going to be?

Re: Re: Russian General Staff and Hospital

Yes Andreas, Real good to see religious figures priests included and will be a good tool for "morale "factor for wargtame.
Robin Hood set had Friar Tuck.Cant think of any other 1/72 sets had this .Maybe the tool the Russian priest is holding is a Dubio exorcisor? ha

Re: Re: Re: Russian General Staff and Hospital

There are a few other sets with religous figures. In the viking era Orion included a monk in their viking set (although about to be killed by a viking trying to steal his cross) and Stretlets included a priest in their Caroliginians I believe. The Pegasus South Western Mission People has about half a dozen monks, while the Imex Pilgrims has a Preacher.

If you are rich enough to buy the Zvedza battle sets then sometimes they have a unique figure. In their Teutonics/Livonians against Russians you get both a Catholic and a Greek Orthodox priest. I have neither since I already owned the rest of the figures and wasn't prepared to buy loads more just for the specials.

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Strangely there are no figures of Nuns although these up to the present day can be found working in hospitals.


The only nun I know of is in

Re: Re: Re: Russian General Staff and Hospital


In addition to religious figures, I think more general civilian figures, eg. refugees, camp follower, militia, etc. would also be useful for morale factor.

I think a set of 19 century civilians for Napoleonic, Crimea, etc would be interesting.

: Re: Russian General Staff and Hospital

Hi Andreas,yes peasants for sebastopol defences perhaps manning carts and filling sandbags (a generic figure could be used with many sets,CW Russian navy almost gets there ).some shameful "body & warehouse looters" which i believe happened alot more than is historically recorded.

Re: : Re: Russian General Staff and Hospital

And mid 19th century civilians could be useful for model railway fans. I've used the Revell/Accurate Confederate Pioneers for early period railway workers.
David Moore