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Re: Re: Russian staff... and someone playing a balalaika too!

Hi Donald,
I think he's dancing on the music, so just a cheerful cossack.
It is indeed a very nice set, and, I hope, with some conversions, many of them can be turned into my napoleonic russian army.



Russian staff... and someone playing a balalaika too!

nice set but what comes next??? this is not like medival Britan wich is superb sadly this is not

Russian staff... and someone playing a balalaika too!

and another negative is that there are only ONE women sertanley there were more women in hospitals and also women enyoing with soldiers so please strelets put some 1-2 ,,ladies´´ more in this set and maybe some proper ladys to Please

The next "bonus figure" series

1. Balalaikas and domras through history
2. Bagpipes through history
3. Drums through history

What about the Strelitz Bonus-figures

Hi Strelets,

yesterday I've received your Nevsky set. Really great figures! But I've missed the Streltsy Bonus figure.
As all the last sets were "only" cavalry, I haven't mist it. Will there be any more of them in future sets?


Re: What about the Strelitz Bonus-figures

Dear Uwe,

we didn't include strelets figures into these sets since we had too few figures in them and we didn't want to sacrifice another one.


critique-too many officers not enough casualties

Nice set but expected more casualties.A least 33% each regiment calculated losses.

Too many officers hanging around hob-nobbing poses. Hope allied command set has more casualty related figures.

Any cardbaord building built in with the box ?

Re: Re: What about the Strelitz Bonus-figures

Dear Strelets,

many thanks for the info. So I can hope for more figures in future sets. With all these poses in addition to the Zvezda set, what do you think about enemies? My favourites are still the Polish Haiducks.

Maybe as Bonus-figures too?