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Can some double...

... as Napoleonic Prussian and Russian?

And I can probably use the clergy and the vexillum figures for Borodino, no?

Re: Can some double...

Yes, I think a lot of the figures can be used as Napoleonic Russian and Prtussian. I will use them as napoleonics.



Re: Can some double...

The figures of the priest and the religious procession could also work for World War I, the Russian Civil War or the Russo-Japanese War (if they ever make figures for that conflict) and the 1877-78 Russo-Turkish War (which would probably have to be fought entirely by conversions, barring some sort of miracle in 1/72 manufacturing).

Re: Russian Staff & Hospital

Does anyone know what sets this will be realesed with? I do not personally like that idea but never mind.

Re: Re: Russian Staff & Hospital

I do like these figs, and hope to see an Allied equivalent set. Perhaps these might be bundled together, but I expect 2 or 3 other Russian Crimean sets in the package.
This really is the sort of set Strelets do best, more in this line for other periods please.