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Re: Re: Strelets one month until christmas-can we expectaspecial surprice from you?

Good surprise.

If you will post what sets are you going to relase, it will be wonderful. hmm but it wont be surprise, then.

Yevgen Chernov

7 strelets sets to be released

Yevgen , perhaps we will see

Crimean War Russian Generals and Hospital set
Crimean War Allied Generals set (hey may even be a Turk in there )
Austro Hungarian Honved Cavalry
Scotch kilt Soldiers
Early Russian Infantry
Don Cossacks
Crimean French Cavalry

Re: 7 strelets sets to be released

everything is possible, only 2 sets are really known:

Don cossacks for Crimean war and Hospital set for this period.

Yevgen Chernov

Re: 7 strelets sets to be released

"Scotch kilt Soldiers"

Just what we need, 1/72 bottles of booze wearing dresses, with weapons.

dutch courage

those scottie boys liked to drink before a fight in the Crimea .Rum issued with ammo, good anaesthetic eh ? seemed to work.