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What are people's experiences with the price of the strelets 1/72 sets. In the Uk these are around £5 mailorder (alot). However, I go to Moscow on holiday most years and I get zvezda figures there much cheaper than in the united kingdom (£2.40 RBL120 (2005) detsky mir v £3.60 (2006) mailorder uk) - if I went to the factory shop I assume even cheaper. So can strelets be purchased in moscow? where and how much?

Re: Prices

Retail prices here are nearer £6, and I've seen them at £7.

I'd definately have many more Strelets sets if the price was nearer to HaT/Italieri/Zvezda standard sets.

Re: Prices

Here in eastern US I usually see them running about $10 to $11, or £5.25-5.75 .

Re: Re: Prices

Mail order USA is around $8 shipping $6 for whole order. A dollar a box plus base for overseas I think.

Re: Prices

I can pay anything between 7 and 9 Euros in Dublin for Strelets and Zvezda figures. I bought the Italeri Medieval Tournement set for 17 euros the other day. With three sets of figures it was worth the price. Hat costs anything between 6 and 10 euros depending on what's in the box.

Re: Prices

So you're all trying to say I'm lucky!
Unfortunately I only go next to moscow in the summer of 2007 - 8 months wait. Still you see the attraction of paying 240p for 40 figures or 6p / 9ec / 11usc per figure. Admitedly the air ticket weighs in at £200 / EUR300 / US$380 but I have other reasons for visiting so its just taking advantage really.

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$AU16.36 per set plus $AU10 per order for postage. This is tolerable :)

Have a great day ... Frank


They usually go for about $17.95CAD or about 8.20GBP.
I used this currancey converter

This is also the going rate for the newer big box hat sets. Fortunately. The latest releases are about $13 - $15. So it would appear that the prices are comming down. Hat big box sets also have this variation in prices, but it seems more like a variation than a reduction.

In Canada, Strelets sets are also usually pretty punctual. That is, they appear in the hobby shops about the same time the turn up at PSR.

Re: Dropping

Try Harfields in the UK £4.95 a box