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Just a few thoughts...

Does anyone else think that Osprey should come out with some books on the Italian Wars of Independence? I'd really like to see these, in addition to more troops of this era from toy soldier makers.

Also, I think manufacturers should come out with more small-war or civil war troops, such as the civil wars in Central America, the Algerian War, the British in Indonesia 1962-66 (to complement the Osprey book), the Falklands, the Arab-Israeli wars 1948-1983, etc. I think there could be a market for these troops, perhaps released as special edition ones. Of course, it would be up to the toy soldier companies to see if it would be economically safe to do so. But I really think that these troops are a much-needed addition to the toy soldier market. They would definitely help fill in the gaps between WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War troops (NATO and Warsaw Pact troops) that are out there.

Re: Just a few thoughts...

Hi Steve

I whole heartedly agree with all that you say. Osprey did some nice books on the Austrian army 1836-66, so why not the Italian or French? My guess is they cant find an English speaking expert on those subjects. There are a similar series of books from EMI, an Italian publisher, but even they have yet to cover the Risorgimento. Osprey offer visitors the chance to suggest new titles on their website, so I recommend using that to try and get what you want.

Re: Re: Just a few thoughts...Here is the "Osprey Vote Link"

Here is the link so that you could suggest your own titles, or vote on some others in the pipeline:

Re: Re: Just a few thoughts...Spanish-American War

Below is the link for a book I voted for. It will be published in February 2007. On this link, you can check the scheduled releases for the next four months.

There are a few on this forum who have been hoping for Spanish-American War. Hopefully some 1/72 figurines on this theme will someday be produced ... hint, hint S*R Team!

Suggest your favorites on the above link and follow up on the Osprey site. They listen.

Re: Just a few thoughts...

Hi Steve,

here are some links to warm you up on this subject:

Since my last holidays at Lake Garda I have a big interest in this wars. They have great museums there. For uniforms try to find books from the Italian painter Quinto Cenni. There is an extremly good one about the Uniforms from 1848 to 1866. Very heavy with more than 400 plates.


Re: Re: Just a few thoughts...


one of the best books on Italian armies of the 18th and 19th century and their uniforms is:


The book has about 400 pages filled with colour drawings by various Italian artists. You can only get it used and it is quite pricy, but it is worth every Euro you pay for it!
The following link will show you some of the pictures you can find in this book:

Best wishes,


Re: Re: Re: Just a few thoughts...

Wow, thanks everyone. Yeah, I put suggestions up on Osprey's site about book ideas for the Italian Wars of Independence a few months ago, but I don't know if they were accepted. But I will definitely check out those books recommended.



Re: Re: Re: Just a few thoughts...

Hi Frank,

this book is a collection of a series of magazines. Sadly I have just a part of this magazines and searching for this book.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Just a few thoughts...

Hi Uwe,

You are right. It is a collection of some issues of "Rivista Militare". It is expensive but the quality of the book and the pitures are just terrific!
I got my copy via "" - a web-side of Italian bookshops. Maybe you can find it there.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Just a few thoughts...

Hi Frank,

many thanks for the tip. I will try to find it there.