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Re: How good is your French?

Large Army - General Staff. With the headquarters, in Augsburg, the 29 vendémiaire year XIV (November 21, 1805).
For a horse in good condition 100 Fr or 45 flor(ins) and 50 kretzer
For a mouth with fire on its mounting 60 Fr or 27 flor(ins) and 30 kretzer
For a mounting or box 30 Fr or 15 flor(ins) and 45 kretzer
For a rifle with its baïonette in good condition 1 Fr or 27 1/2 kretzer
For a rifle broken 50 C or 13 3/4 kretzer
For a turntable whole 15 C or 4 1/8 kretzer
For a gun in good condition 50 C or 13 3/4 kretzer For a good baïonette 10 C or 2 3/4 kretzer
For a sabre of infantry in state 15 C or 4 1/8 kretzer
For riding sabre in state 20 C or 5 1/2 kretzer
For a ball 5 C or 1 3/8 kretzer