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Re: Re: Re: WW1

Yes, early war British and French cavalry units are
a great idea.


And we don't should forget the Belgians in WW1. As far as I know the first victim in the war was a Belgian lancer. I saw his grave last year when I was in Flanders for the holidays.

In the Belgian army-museum there are great paintings about the Belgian army in the early war. Blue lancers, green rifles etc. Great stuff!


Re: Belgians

Hi Uwe,

I support you in your demand for WWI Belgians.
I saw an excibition with pictures and propaganda posters made during the war and one of them indeed mentionned that the first Belgian victim was a Belgian lancer. He died during a fight with German uhlans. So as I really like the German uhlans I would like some Belgians to.

Many regards

Re: Re: Belgians

WW1 is a favourite of mine too, mainly because I have a lot of fun thinking up the battlefield and incorporating trench systems and the like. I always spare a thought for the casualties of all sides at this time of year too though.....


Re: Belgians

I'm sorry to interrupt, but I've just seen your pictures of the Battle of Hastings display, and it is bee-utiful!

I just had to tell you.


Re: Re: Belgians

Hi Erika,

many thanks I am happy you enjoyed the photos