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Crimean British Grenadiers

Hello Strelets
Is there any chance of seeing the British Grenadiers being produced soon ?
They seem to have been moved back and possibly shelved.
I last saw them predicted for September 2006.
Also,I would dearly love to see the other Important combatants of that war; including the Turkish Infantry and the French Cavalry.
p.s. Thanks awfully for the British Hussars.
Best regards

Yes, especially those Crimean French cavalry....

they are needed in Italy, Mexico, and Alsace-Lorraine!

Re: Yes, especially those Crimean French cavalry....

and not to forget in northern Africa!!


Re: Crimean British Grenadiers

Dear Murat,

the September release date for the grenadiers was put on our web site by mistake. Realistically they will be made in 2007 only. We hope to complete the Crimean series in 2007-2008 including those sets that are announced and that aren't announced yet.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Crimean British Grenadiers

Thank you Strelets!!