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Re: Enjoy Zouaves History "Link"

Here is a link for a famous Zouave Re-enactors group. It was headed up by the late-great Brian Pohanka, who was a re-enactor, historian, preservationist of battle fields and movie/video advisor. Especially go to the "Galleries" link in the body. You can find much on the total history of the Zouave craze! Link:

Re: A Case for American Civil War Zouaves!

Great Idea as Zouaves are truly the only ACW units that could be done in the same uniforms and the different colors.

Re: Re: A Case for American Civil War Zouaves!

The American Civi War Zouaves are a great idea, and
are a needed set - the Hat Zouaves are pretty poor in
my opinion. One set could be made in different colors,
or there could be a Union set in blue in fezs, and a
Confederate set in grey or butternut with a mixture
of fezs and straw hats.