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Prussian Landwehr

Prussian Landwehr would be absolutely perfect Strelets material.

Perhaps strelets could tell us more

The suggestions above show that there are still a lot of topics(and many were not even mentionned) that can be made. I hope strelets will soon inform us about their future plans about Napoleonic and others sets they are planning

Re: Any new Napoleonics planned

Dear Pieter,

at the moment we don't have Napoleonic sets in a pipeline. Having said that, it shouldn't mean that we won't make any in 2007.


Re: Re: Any new Napoleonics planned

This is really very bad news.It also means I will not buy any Strelets anymore for a while. Great Northern War and Crimean War is not really in my interest.Sorry.

Re: Re: Any new Napoleonics planned - No, how about........................

American War Between the States for 2007 ????????????