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A Case for American Civil War Zouaves!

I took the time to carefully examine the details of the American Civil War Union Mid-Blue Color Officer Foot Staff Set.

The details on each and every man are exceptional.

My focus here is on the ACW Zouave who is aiding his Zouave Officer who has just been wounded (dual man set pose).

The Details of the Infantryman is 10 times better than any other in existance.

For example:

* Beautiful facial details.
* Has cap with long gold tassel.
* Has Turban wrapped around cap (Especially attractive and complete!).
* Has both tan color and white dual leg gaitors complete with buttons (awesome!).
* Has Sergeants stripes on both arms.
* Has long, long sash around his waist dropping down in front.
* Has Haversack.
* Has ammo pouch.
* Has edge-trim on coat.
* Overall - Looks like the Ultimate Zouave.

If the S*R Team produced one good set of ACW Zouave Infantry moulds, then they could be run in both the nice (1) Mid-Blue Union Color, and (2) the excellent Confederate Flat-Gray Color.

One set of moulds would work for both Union and Confederate Zouave Armies.

This is a great strategy that is working very well for the "Armies in Plastic" 54mm company who makes 1-set of Colonial British mould, and then runs them in 4-colours, with 4 different boxes, and makes huge profits, off of one mould run in 4 colors.

The Crimean Zouaves are nice, but are only appropriate for that one war. The S*R Team's Sculptor who made the American Civil War Foot Officers has proved that he could make the best-ever Zouaves, which if run in Mid-Blue and also Gray Color, could sell many sets for many themes.

Please consider S*R Team. Do not miss a great opportunity for a sure winner minimum of 2 sets.

Mid-Blue Color, Gray Color & Terracotta Color would look nice! :-)

Re: Enjoy Zouaves History "Link"

Here is a link for a famous Zouave Re-enactors group. It was headed up by the late-great Brian Pohanka, who was a re-enactor, historian, preservationist of battle fields and movie/video advisor. Especially go to the "Galleries" link in the body. You can find much on the total history of the Zouave craze! Link:

Re: A Case for American Civil War Zouaves!

Great Idea as Zouaves are truly the only ACW units that could be done in the same uniforms and the different colors.

Re: Re: A Case for American Civil War Zouaves!

The American Civi War Zouaves are a great idea, and
are a needed set - the Hat Zouaves are pretty poor in
my opinion. One set could be made in different colors,
or there could be a Union set in blue in fezs, and a
Confederate set in grey or butternut with a mixture
of fezs and straw hats.