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Any new Napoleonics planned

Dear Strelets,

Are you planning to make any Napoleonic sets in the near future. Please do. I like your lancer sets and hope that you will release some Napoleonic lancers (French line, Polish,Austrian) or Gendarmes (on horse, on foot, elite gendarmes of the guard), guerillas (the hat set is nice but to regular)or more command sets (mounted colonels, generlas, ADC's)
Still plenty of sets to make.

Please consider them

Many regards


Re: Any new Napoleonics planned

Gendarmes will be cool.

Wurttemburger light cavalry

Nice suggestions, Pieter (& we don't have to add Waterloo-era D-B heavy cavalry, do we?)
But I was looking at HaT's Wurttemburg infantry & thought how a nice set of W. chevaulegers would be nice.
A genuine opportunity, Strelets!
regards, donald

Re: Wurttemburger light cavalry

I agree that it would be nice if some company made Wurttemberg cavalry (cheveaux-leger and chasseurs) and artillery to go with the hat infantry. But I would prefer if hat would make them (and I believe they will) as strelets has a very different style.

I believe strelets should make even greater use of its concept of unique poses. However strelets could certainly make other cavalry and artillery sets
It has been suggested many times before, but I really think strelets should make more artilery sets.

Say for example guard foot artillery. Starting from the way they made the GNW sets you would have 2 guns and 24 poses. 5 could be firing a gun, 5 loading, 5 waiting and 5 fighting, defending the gun (or devide them up amongst the three former options). Their could be an officer, a drummer, a casualty and why not general Druot drawing his sword. In this way you could compose your batteries as you wish, with a lot of variety. It would sell as one set would not be enough.

Re: Any new Napoleonics planned

eVERYONE WITH A pRUSSIAN OR fRENCH 20mm Army would ideally need them.

Bands: band of Napoleons Imperial Guard and mounted Prussian band. Would cause an endothermic nuclear reaction in 20mm wargaming.Plus the Drum Corps.

I guess it could extend that to ACW Rebs and Yankee bands also.

To pair up with the bands in each set casualties or qyuartermaster staff with ammunition.

Re: Re: Any new Napoleonics planned

Hi all,
I think the artillery sets we all badly need are: early french artillery (artillery 1800-1805, with bricorns), Prussian 1806 artillery, and early Russian artillery. (Austerlitz and 1807 campaign). And Strelets, what about Prussian Landwehr?

Prussian Landwehr

Prussian Landwehr would be absolutely perfect Strelets material.

Perhaps strelets could tell us more

The suggestions above show that there are still a lot of topics(and many were not even mentionned) that can be made. I hope strelets will soon inform us about their future plans about Napoleonic and others sets they are planning

Re: Any new Napoleonics planned

Dear Pieter,

at the moment we don't have Napoleonic sets in a pipeline. Having said that, it shouldn't mean that we won't make any in 2007.


Re: Re: Any new Napoleonics planned

This is really very bad news.It also means I will not buy any Strelets anymore for a while. Great Northern War and Crimean War is not really in my interest.Sorry.

Re: Re: Any new Napoleonics planned - No, how about........................

American War Between the States for 2007 ????????????