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Best Flag Paper?

Further to my posts on home made flags for figures, I'm having difficulty finding the right paper to print the flags out on. The image tends to rub off when handling the flags, so is there a type of thin paper which will take printing without losing the image?

Re: Best Flag Paper?

How about thin aluminium? You can get it from some of the more traditional toothpaste tubes.

That's what the 28mm bods recommend. Haven't used it myself yet but worth a go.

Re: Re: Best Flag Paper?

you might also try wine foil. it's very thin and malable. i should think decals would stick to it. i've used it for reins and strirrup straps on 1/35 cavalry models. it will take enamel paint, but not sure about durability with the paint job. you can also use wine foil for cloaks as well. cheers!