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Union General Staff (2)

These figures are much easier to make out than the masters. The artist tends to sculpt (at least partly) after being inspired by the works of Don Troiani. Troiani has a print called "Cemetery Hill" showing the meeting of Generals Doubleday, Hancock, and Howard on the evening of July 1, 1863. On the scan of the figures:

Doubleday is #2 from the left, top row

Hancock is #4 from the left, top row

Howard is #2 from the left, bottom row

Also figure #5, top row appears to be Custer and #5, bottom row wears his hat much like "Little Phil" Sheridan.
Just trying to make a few educated guesses - I beleive a lot of these figures could suffice for mounted officers on either side of the conflict.

Re: Union General Staff (2)

My guesses too. Is that "Unconditional Grant" bottom row 4th from left! I wish we had him in the famous picture leaning against the tree, but I'm going to really enjoy these sets anyway when we get all 4 Staff sets, plus some Infantries, Cavalries, some Artilleries ... :-)

Re: Re: Union General Staff (2)

Yes, the figures are much clearer than the
pictures of the masters were! They look great!

Re: Re: Re: Union General Staff (2)

Very nice. Can't wait to see them, then for the second set of the Confedrate staff. Then, all the figure sets. Keep em coming.