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Re: Re: Re: AWI American infantry are amazin!!!!

After the intial disappointment, I thought some of the poses in the Italeri AWI would be useful to mix in with the Revell/Accurate figures for a more varied, more realistic look for the American forces, but they're just too big IMHO.

I do wish HAT would get into the 7YW. Many nations involved, colorful uniforms, famous battles, large formations of men in uniform poses that can best be represented in 1/72 plastic...I think they'd sell, but they certainly know their business better than I. Maybe they figure people into the "horse & musket" period will gravitate toward Napoleonics as so much more is available. Maybe Revell's 7YW sets didn't sell well. I hope they won't gauge the market by sales of Italeri's AWI. Had they been compatible with other AWI figures, I would've bought several boxes (despite some of the odd poses).

Re: revell 7yrs. war

i think revell did an outstanding job on the austrian succession figures. if a company put it's best sculptors on a few new sets, they'd sell. what would be nice is a new set of prussian grenadiers sculpted by the artist who did zvezda's french and russian grenadiers. i can only hope.

Re: Re: revell 7yrs. war

I already have 4 boxes of the Revel Prussians that are very good historically but anatomically tall tin and pin headed. However, I would prefer a company to produce some Prussian style fusiliers in their uniqu helmet which would be good for the AWI as well.

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