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GNW next sets

Some questions to Strelets,
1 When will apeear new masters of Charles XII guard and Army of Peter?

2 I supposed that swedish grenadiers in set 021 Swedish infantry of Charles XII were guard grenadiers(looks pretty identical to Orël magazine pictures about swedish army in the batlle of Poltava). Any comments?

3 I remeber you told us that there will be more pikemen in Army of Peter I set, I think we have already 12 different poses, so please make more fusiliers than pikemen(in my opinion they are more needed, but as you understood it's only my opinion, mb somebody wants more pikemen).

4 Suggestion: sokme figures of swedish generals included in swedish set.
And make russian soldiers with new style bayonet(the same that we saw in 021 set(i think it's name is socket bayonet, something like this), because in 1708 russian army began to use this type of bayonet, not those old that put in fuzeya in.

Thanks you for listening.

Yevgen Chernov