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Re: Re: back from "r and r "

Hey welcome back! Glad to see you come back (although I own I didn't notice that you were missing since I have't been on much lately myself).

See ya 'round!


back from "r and r "

Hi Dave and CWD thanks .Crimea Hussars look good dave and I owe you a box from our bet.Yes, Strelets produced them without fluffy jackets .

Ah well at least I'm a good loser(one gets used to it with Crimean Turkish Inf being shelved so many times now sorry force of habit to have a dig at Yuri,chuckle.I'm sure he knows its in jest.).

I 'm looking out for the next development with the Crimean Generals and Hospital sets.Don Cossacks I cant wait they will accompany the emhars Don artillery (smart move strelets(yes thats almost a compliment)

Okay the truce is over(chuckle) hank