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076 - Russian Hussars - Durn Good Looking Set, But Where's Opponents?

076 - Russian Hussars - Durn good looking set, here is what I think ...

What I like:
* Hats and heads are superb! Nice, big, brims!
* 2 Ring-hand poses are great.
* Other poses are nice.
* Sabres fit nicely (Wargamers, although not me, like sabres that don't poke the guy next to him).

What I would like to see:
* Poses attacking infantry, bent over down towards the groung (just like Uwe Wild recommended below) cutting down men on the retreat.
* Make enough accessories for ring-hands for a guy to (1) Look through binaculars (my least favorite), (2) hold a pistol, (3) hold a rifle, (4) hold a sword, (5) hold a lance, (6) hold a bugle - Getting the idea? One pose with a ring hand in a decent pose could do many, many things with enough small accessories.

But, where's opponents?

Re: 076 - Russian Hussars - Durn Good Looking Set, But Where's Opponents?

The WWI German cavalry sets are opponents, but the most realistic opponents for these hussars would be the other WWI Russian cavalry sets and the Orion Red Cavalry. There were a number of Russian Civil War units wearing hussar uniforms and fighting for both sides, as well as in the various nationalist armies in the Baltics and Ukraine. In general, the Strelets WWI Eastern Front cavalry are best utilized in Russian Civil War scenarios (notice how the cossacks and dragoons are in winter uniforms, the better to fight the Orion Reds in their greatcoats).

Now, if only Strelets or someone produced some Polish cavalry for the Russo-Polish War and maybe Red cavalry in summer uniforms...

Re: Re: 076 - Russian Hussars - Durn Good Looking Set, But Where's Opponents?

Dear Samogon,

actually we intend to complete the WWI Russian range with a set of Don Cossacks in summer uniform.
Hopefully, Orion will eventually make a set of Makhno gangs for the RCW as they wanted to some time ago.