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Re: Re: Which Napoleonic personalities were you thinking of making?

Sounds exciting. Who's SOL? Soldatini On Line?

Will these be mounted figures? I think people generally find marshalls mounted on horses more useful than foot (would the forum agree with that?).

Who else besides Napoleon, and how about a mounted French Line Colonel in shako (not a personality figure, but a gap aside from the poor Airfix figure)?

How about distribution? Just Michigan Toy Soldier in the U.S., or elsewhere?

Re: A new set of Teutonic knights and more news for medievals and napolics

Yes Rob,
SoL is Soldatini on Line
Maybe 't was too early to spread the news, but...

Just two words to clarify the situation: I have several (too many?) projects running; one of this is a line of mounted figures just like Valdemar's personalities.
As Valdemar is covering the medieval period, I was thinking about others, including napoleonic of course. No decision has been made, but one of the figure will be the young Napoleon riding (after David).
It is possible that the most relevant personalities will be sculpet in different poses: the range should be useful for collectors and wargamers too!

The first figures could be cast in resin and later (if the masters will allow it and we'll find the money ) we could release the same figure in soft plastic...
We are in a very early stage, but you can see a preview of a basic horse on the SoL forum, in this thread:
Just a plain horse, but useful for future conversions...

At this moment we cannot even talk about distribution!
Anyway all suggestions/requests are welcome

Re: Re: A new set of Teutonic knights and more news for medievals and napolics

A few suggestions:

-Napoleon of course..... perhaps also in a sled leaving Russia
-Ney, both on foot in fur coat (1812) and dishevelled on horseback, waving a broken sword (1815)
-Eugene de Beauharnais in simple uniform and in full hussar outfit (forgot who painted that!)
-Murat, in one of his many outfits
-Bagration, Kutusov and Barclay, all mounted
-Massena in a carriage, leading his troops at Wagram (or was it Aspern?)
-Platov holding up a ceremonial mace, on horseback
-Junot in a really gaudy uniform
-Bernadotte as Crown Prince of Sweden
-Archduke Charles grasping a colour at Eggmuhl, as well as mounted
-Mack surrendering his sword at Ulm
-Schwarzenberg on horseback, reporting to the Czar, Emperor and King of Prussia
-Moreau as a Russian general, being killed at Dresden
-Louis XVIII fleeing Paris

Just some random thoughts...... but would dearly love to see any personalities!

Re: A new set of Teutonic knights and more news for medievals and napolics

I will need another life!
Anyway, some of the entries in this list have good chances, other less...
I'll keep you informed when the first figure will appear on SoL, and then also a list of possible candidates will be posted

Re: Re: A new set of Teutonic knights and more news for medievals and napolics

Enrico, sounds good, looking forward to it.

Duco, good list...