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077 WWI German Cuirassiers

I sure like the masters in this set with pickelhaub helmets. This uniform has always been one of my favorites. They have very nice details such as suspenders, ammo pouches, knee-high boots. Will be a very welcome addition to my collection.

I hope we have some nice British Lancers, maybe like a photo in one of my books, who are wearing hats with neck-curtains (while watering their horses in a river). So WWI British Cavalry to oppose the fine German sets, please!

Great work S*R Team!

Re: 077 WWI German Cuirassiers

I agree with you completely, Dave!

Re: Re: 077 WWI German Cuirassiers

And I would prefer to see German Cuirassiers for 1870


Re: Re: Re: 077 WWI German Cuirassiers

I'm also looking forward to Franco-Prussian War sets. I hope the S*R Team jumps in and makes some great contributions to this fascinating theme.

Cheers everyone