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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Painted examples of Austrian staff? Thanks

I have the same problem with the austrian staff.
I am missing the source the sculptor has used.

It is not Osprey as it was in other cases like british or french staff (Osprey was the sculpting source, you can find pictures for almost all of them in Osprey).

In the case of the austrians and also the russians Osprey will not help you a lot.

I was a little bit disappointed about the Austrian commanders book when I wanted to use it for painting the figures.

My figures are painted for 75 percent, but the last details are missing.

That is the reason why no pictures of the figures could be seen.

Perhaps Strelets can tell us the sources that the sculptor has used for the figures?

Re: Painted examples of Austrian staff?

Yep, I am struggling to finish off these.
Dear Madpenman
is it possible for you to post your examples on the Strelets site ??
Sure would be appreciated.
My only sources are mainly black white plates - bummer.

many thanks and regards
Mike McA

Re: Re: Painted examples of Austrian staff?

mike...sorry so late with reply. had a week off from everything. the problem i have with posting right now is that i'm not a great digital photographer just yet, but i would like to post a few sets at some time soon. i am working on it. hopefully, i can get a pic or two in. my color sources on Austrian staff officers were from various books and issues of military history magazines, all of which feature famous paintings which may or may not be entirely accurate, so you have to reach a happy median with your research. or else have a great library like Uwe! again, i will try to post and thanks for the interest.

Re: Re: Re: Painted examples of Austrian staff?

mike, perhaps i can scan a few photos of paintings i have in my archives. i'd be glad to e-mail you what i have, although it isn't much, possibly three or four images, but perhaps it might help. regards, madpenman.

Re: Painted examples of Austrian staff?

Dear Madpenman

I would truly appreciate that, as I mentioned, I have little to go on and this is such a good set to finish.
Perhaps the other contributors to this thread may also wish to have those images supplied to them .....
if that is not too much trouble to you.

I certainly would love to see your finished figures when available.

many thanks and regards

Mike McA

Re: Re: Painted examples of Austrian staff?

mike...hopefully i can send you some scans in a week or so. i've been moving, so i have stuff scattered in three locations. but i think i can manage it. cheers, madpenman.