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Re: Dear Strelets*R 050 - Crimean British Hussars

Dear S*R & Everyone,

Thank you for posting the masters of the Hussars. It's a little hard to make out all the fine details in the scan, but I feel confident in saying this set will add more "Masterpieces" to an already great collection of figurines. I can't wait to get my hands on some and see all the fine details in person! Here's why:

* As with the other fine sets in this range, these men wear gorgeous Fur Busby Caps with bags and chords, in some poses, waving in the wind. The Busby and faces will convince you the rest of the details will also be so attractive that you will want to joing a reinactors club just to have your own uniform.
* Very useful variety of poses.
* Ring-hand figure with very nicely sculpted sword.
* No pelisses (correctly omitted as they were actually left on the transport ships - sorry Hank!)
* Always my favorite - a casualty pose.

As a general note:

* I would like to see more ring-hand poses in cavalry sets, with arm stretched out in front in a lower position, as if thrusting at an infantryman, for swords and lances.
* Also a dragoon shooting his rifle with one hand and arm stretched out (not shouldered, to go with the nice figure who is shooting with 2 hands), like the nice U.S. Cavalry set.

Thank you S*R Team for these additional masterpieces to go with this awesome Crimean Range!

Re: Re: Dear Strelets*R 050 - Crimean British Hussars

Hi Strelets,

Dave's idea of a pose arm stretched out in front to attack the enemy would be a great one for all the future sets. Maybe another one could be a cavalryman who cuts down the running infantryman in the face, when he passed him. This was the useful way to cut the guys down. From behind you only got his knapsack...