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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: NKVD troops

hi Radu...the difference between the corgi and hat t-34s is great, size wise. the hat t-34s are huge in comparison to the corgi's. so i never brigade them together. the corgi's look more like H0 scale, hat are real 1/72. so i use the hat t-34's with italieri and revell russians, and corgi t-34's with airfix and atlantic troops. keep in mind, i use them for wargames, instead of actual dioramas. and if they're dropped off table, no damage. i merely wanted to build up my soviet armor rather quickly, so the corgi's work for now. the hat t-34s are a great idea for building large formations quickly. i still use some actual models made from years past, but they suffer real time damage and are a pain to maintain. highly reccomend the hat t-34's. i drilled the turret cupolas out and now they have commanders. cool!