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French and Indian War

Was in Old Quebec City this Labor Day weekend. Got a chance to walk around the Plains of Abraham - highly recommend a visit. Had plaques all around the battlefield ("This is where Wolfe died, this is where the Louisbourg Regiment held the right flank, this is where so-and-so led the French flanking maneouvre, etc). Pretty cool. Fun for us, and great food and charming romantic setting for the wives.

Anyways, at one of the visitors centers they were selling glass or plastic encased mini-dioramas. These contained about 8 Imex British soldiers and 8 Italeri American AWI infantry (painted up as French in white uniforms), flocked with scenery, for about $65. No thanks.

They also had a museum within the Upper Town with a bigger diorama which I skipped, but here are some soldier pictures from their website.

Re: French and Indian War

Hi Rob

Like you I went to Quebec City, only this was a few years ago. I took the same trip to the Plain of Abraham, visited the extensive network of fortification and also went to see the water falls where The British had landed. There are still quite a few remnants of the French and/or British defense system.

The battle field diorama you talk about is a brief history of the last days of French Canada, using one large diorama of the city, its surroundings as well as the troops deployed on the plain of Abraham. They use light to get your attention focused on each different period. It's nicely done, although in a way quaintly antiquated... I really loved Quebec and would not mind living there for a while.

"Je me souviens"

Re: Re: French and Indian War

Hi All:
There are two excellent dioramas in Quebec City. The one Philippe describes is in the private museum across from the Chateau Frontenac. It is excellent with the light show that goes along with it.
A little more out of the way is the artillery musuem that is just inside the walls of the city. It is run by the Federal Government. In it they have a diorama of the city that is huge, and clearly shows the fortifications post War of 1812. It was created in about 1820 as a model to show how the fortifications should have been expanded. After completion it was shipped to Britain to the War Office. After a century or so sitting in Britain it was shipped back to Canada and put on display. The scale is a little less than 1/72nd, but it shows the entire city!
Quebec City is a UN designated world heritage site and well worth the visit. And don't worry if you don't speak French, the city is very tourist/user friendly.
David Moore