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So why not more sets of Hussars?

I havent't really seen any serious request for more napoleonic hussars. Wonder why? Are wargamers not interested in hussars? I dont think so.. But why hasnt anyone ask for it?

Let me be the first then.

I ask for more Napoleonic hussars so that at least every major power has a set of hussars. (Note: Airfix British Hussars is too old. So remake please..)

Re: So why not more sets of Hussars?

Hi all,
what about Prussian hussars 1806 with mirlatons? And a set of prussian landwehr and volunteer cavalry 1813 would also be very nice indeed.

Re: Re: So why not more sets of Hussars?


For the 1806 Prussians the Revell 7 Year War ones will do quite well; otherwise I completely agree with you

Revell 7YW Hussars

The only catch is that they are hard to find. Revell declined to reissue them as far as I know.

Not only the uniform - more important the poses

Hi friends,

I made a lot of conversions for different nations out of the existing ranges. Surely there are differences in Hussar uniforms and I would be thankful for every new set.

But what is more important for me are the poses.
I would like to see skirmishing Hussars, firing carbine, loading carbine on a standing horse. Hussars on standing horses in reserve. Some lookouts, dismounted Hussars. Not just another set of headlong charging guys.


Re: So why not more sets of Hussars?

Actually Andreas I've posted some ideas/suggestions long ago to make austrian and french (cylindrical-shakos) hussars as well as prussian cuirassiers for 1813 and got little more than ignored for that so I guess we can do no more than to punch the air, it seems to make more noise than to type messages here.

Re: Re: So why not more sets of Hussars?

Ah if only everything suggested in forums got made - wouldnt life be sweet (and expensive) ? All we can do is argue a case for such a set and see if anyone decides to make it. You never know who might be reading...