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Re: Next Project with 1/72 Figures...

Hi Dave,

I like to complete thingS i START and i was miffed bamboozled when strelets skipped the future listed crimean figures for all these WW1 equestrians.I hav e about 35 boxes so far, all Crimean War.
It swhat drew me into their figures etc.

If Strelets communicated a reason or openly something to expalin and forecast a new release date then that would have been fine.But Strelets are in an ominous silence, niet ?

If thE Strelets bRITISH cRIMEAN WAR hUSSARS riders come wothout the flying furry coatees then you win a box off me.

I wait for the infantry to add to my own collection, EAmhars or Uwe's Finescale mercenaries .Just Look what Uwe has started with Finescale, just awesome/wunderbar, hopefully other 1/72 or 20mm will catch on.Snooze and they lose.
Have fun David.

Some other ideas

Hi Hank,

just to make you and Dave more happy I talked with Newline Design about the Aliwal project. We used their range for Isandlwhana too and I suggested them to make a Sikh war range. After I sent them photos for all the units they said yes! The production will beginn at the end of the year.

As for Finescale what would you think Dave, if we put your conversions in a mould to cast them?


Re: Some other ideas

Dear Uwe,

Good work with Newline Design! And I look forward to seeing your Contribution you sent in :-)

As for the Anglo-Boer Wars Contribution, it is very much my hope to inspire and motivate the S*R Team to go forward and produce Artillery and other related figurine poses in soft plastic for us. Just cannons and crews like the Crimean Russian Naval set. I am a hopeless soft plastic enthusiast. Also, S*R has only released these sets once so far and will hopefully release the Highlanders this December. I am far from giving up on motivating them to go forward with more Anglo-Boer Wars, Sudan Campaigns, Zulu, Gordon and so on.

Again, I am very much looking forward to seeing your Contribution - Happy Collecting