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Re: Re: To Strelets*R...

Dear Strelets,

what would you think about medieval Chinese to have another enemy for the Mongols beside your Russians?
And Tamerlanes Golden Hord, battle of Kulikova etc.


Re: To Strelets*R...

Regarding Irish soldiers, the one part of the Napoleonic era that has never been touched upon by any company has been the 1798 rebellion in Ireland against British rule. French forces, though arriving too late, took part under general Humbert, fought pitched battles against general lakes british army in the west of Ireland, before being defeated at castlebar. A set of Irish rebels would be very welcome, and add a new dimension to the napoleonic era from a part of these wars that has so far been forgotten by toy soldier manufacturers.

Re: Re: To Strelets*R...

Dear Noel,

this is a good idea which brings us to the revolutionary wars. No manufactor tried to make figures for this war. And between 1792 and 1803 a lot of battles were fought with hundreds of units for which we have no figures.


Re: Re: To Strelets*R...

Actually, there are a number of sets of civilian insurgents for the Napoleonic/French Revolutionary Wars that would fill a real gap in the coverage. Off the top of my head, I can think of the following, in addition to the Irish of 1798:

1. Tyrolean rebels from 1809-10.
2. Russian peasants from 1812.
3. Spanish guerrillas (the Hat set is heavy on the uniformed militia units, and only has a few lightly-armed rebels - some could also be useful as Latin American rebels for the Independence Wars or even in the Alamo period).
4. French levee-en-masse from 1792-93 (could also double as Chouans from the same period - a set that was promised by Odemars but never made).
5. French irregulars and National Guards from the 1814 campaign (some of these guys, in smocks and with some head swapping, could join the Imex Texicans fighting on the barricades of 1830 and 1848).
6. German irregulars and deserters from 1806-07.

Given the fact that none of these units could successfully fight in formation (or wanted to do so in the first place), they would all be good source material for Strelets's format!

Any more suggestions out there?