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Re: Nappy British infantry

The Airfix Brits aren't the greatest, but certainly less troll-like than other Airfix figures. I've mixed them with my other sets and think they are fine. I try to put units together using figures from the same manufacturer, with variety showing from unit to unit versus the figures side by side.

For my Brit infantry I use Airfix, HaT, Esci, Revell, plus the HaT Netherland/Belgians, the ACTA Belgians, some casualty figures from MIR, a few officers from the Revell Foot Artillery set and the officer from the Strelets General staff (Belgic shako, firing a pistol). I've sprinkled in a few of the Odemars Spanish Infantry with the HaT and ACTA light infantry, and of course the Revell Brit Rifles. An ecclectic mix, but it works.

Now all I need is to hope that sometime in the near future I can add the Imex War 1812 and Waterloo Brit Infantry sets, as well as the Emhar Peninsular Brits. And to also see what Odemars will be releasing as part of its Hougoumont set. I'm not holding my breath on the Italeri Green Jackets. They will either be the Revell Rifles reissued or giant freaks that won't be allowed to play with the other toy soldiers.

Re: Re: Nappy British infantry

Thanks for the comment. Do you do anything to your Belgians like trim plumes, paint only two straps on the backpack, or paint white strips on the front of the tunic?

Re: Re: Re: Nappy British infantry

The Revel set is by far the best, though it might be out of Production at the moment, and my set was made in orange for some reason.
You get a full colour party and mounted officer, and it isn't mixed in with Highlanders like Esci/Italieri.
The Airfix set was made in many colours, I believe HaT currently do it in Grey if you don't like the Red.
Pity Airfix never did a scaled down version of their splendid 1/32 scale set.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Nappy British infantry

one nice thing about the airfix set of british foot is that they go perfectly with the newer strelets command figures. the officer with the pistol completes a box of the old airfix troops. and the colonels are great too. i use my airfix troops for the garrison at hougomont, which i think was guard units and a few nassauers. the hat british light infantry set also works well with the old airfix troops.