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retailer's point of view as well?

Dear Uwe and Donald

A point of view.

I suppose I was considering the retailer's/seller's dimension as well.
I am just glad my retailers don't think like that otherwise they would clear out the Zvezda, Hat, Strelets, Orion and other plastic figures and get in the computer games and radio controlled stuff. Much bigger profit margins and better sales though very risky. In fact one retailer in my city did just that (though no computer games) and when he said that he had to make more profit you can't argue with that (higher council tax, utility bills, etc).

Beatties* (models) stores' recent demise in the UK is a good case study. Games Workshop survives (I hope I haven't jinxed them). Most model figure (and other hobby) retailers in the UK that survive, do so with low profit margins and bounds of enthusiasm for the hobby. They love exotics like fine wine sellers do.

At least we agree to differ but not on the desirability of a Retreat from Moscow set/sets/series.

* I bought one of my first Atlantic sets (Romans: Christians and Gladiators) in a Beatties store about 25 years ago. In the latter days of Beatties, Strelets*R and Hat and most plastic 1/72nd scale figures would have been considered exotics. They just were poor sellers when compared to Sony Roadragesmackdown iii or similar.

Re: retailer's point of view as well?

Hi David,

several years ago I had a hot discussion with Revell. They decided to stop producing historical 1/72 figures. They told me, they can earn more money with modern armies, which they could sell in bigger numbers with their tanks.

I asked them, if they have earned money with historic figures and they told me yes - but you can earn more with other things.

So some people will never get their throat full...


Revell - about turn

Dear Uwe
They have re issued some of their 30 Years War sets. A bit of a half turn rather than the about turn. A couple of new historical sets would confirm the change. Everybody cries out for their 30 Years War cavalry and artillery sets to be re released.