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Re: terracotta warrior

Hi David,

The Esci foreign service helmets/heads are pretty good. To me, one of the most important details is the air vent on the top. Can you see how I have carved every one, including the Boer, to show the vent? Made me crazy Esci sprews are always attached to the top of the helmet - their Romans too, which just about guarantees you lose this detail.

I tried this same coversion with A Call To Arms Zulu British but they are truly HO, so too small, even for Airfix bodies. The S*R foreign service helmets are "just perfect!" for conversions.

I think Colonial Wars fans will be pleasantly surprised when I submit my Part II - Light Artillery, Ambulance and Supply Wagon conversions which includes the maxim machine gun nest (3 guys with pith helmets). I've done the tripod group, an Afghan Wars type scratchbuilt maxim on table-type legs, and a single horse-drawn cassion/maxim. You can see this one in your book Uniforms Illustrated No. 19 The Boer War on page 47, and my Pom-Pom guns on pages 46 (Boer) and 50 (British), and the Boer Cannon page 45, and Ambulance scenes pages 16 and 59.

Cheers for now!