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Re: Re: Hey. Donald

Hi, Pieter,
I don't know that site but I'll go there after this.Thanks.
Are you a wargamer?
I love my D-B & Brunswicker 'armies' for several reasons especially because they provide good sized forces to wargame with.
I have 2 brigades of L. cavalry & 3 brigades of infantry for the D-Bs: a medium sized force good for your 3 hour game. The Brunswickers are 2 brigades of in infantry strong: great for a small game such as 'hold the crossroads' etc. Put them together & you have a largish 'army' to oppose a French corps or so trying to fall on the unsuspecting British.
The additions you mentioned would certainly enhance this. Particularly more cavalry.
BTW I have a soft spot for the historical Prince of Orange. He was thrown into high command too early & didn't exactly excell but he was brave &, as you know, matured later into a fine commander. I have a metal figure of him but would gladly replace it with plastic as is very stodgy in its modelling.
take care, donald
(fancy a game next Saturday at my place? Don't be late)